Thursday, June 16, 2016

Skyn Iceland hydro cool firming eye held

When we look at someone we always look into the eyes first
the wrinkles and crows feet can make one appear aged
It happens to everyone from different ages

I picked this up for my mother to try
Inside contains individually sealed packages 
The gel pad are thick to the touch and felt squishy
The gel pad is squishy under the soft felt. Peel off to apply to the eyes.
I let my mother used it to see if efficacy.

Here are the results

It appears that the deep wrinkles and crows disappear

My mother happily apply these on now that I showed her the results

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fresh Rose

The rose is given as a symbol of love

Cream properties is hydrating and eliminates redness when used

The pros
The cream smells of real petals. 
The texture is velvety soft. 
I wore it overnight when I woke up my skin had no shine
 My acne was less red. 

The cons
It did not smooth out my acne skin. 
I noticed large pores. 

I would not recommend this for problematic skin. If you need a moisturizer that is hydrating this is the way to go. When applied to skin it left my skin incredibly soft. It left no greasy residue and absorbed quickly

I recommend this for people who needs a hydrating moisturizer

Thursday, January 14, 2016

OPI top coat vs essence plumping gel

I want the gel top coat without actually having to use gel polish. We all want the look without replacing our collection of polishes. Some of us don't like the chemicals.

The Good- The essence is a winner because it is shiny and the "plumping effect" makes your nails look like a cushioned glass effect. The great thing is it's only $3.

The bad- You can only use half of it and it is difficult to get product out.  Be prepared to go through many of the essence because the product goes fast due to the bottle design.

I love this because I got complimented on my gel manicures. They absolutely had no idea.

As for OPI I don't even reach for it.