Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The secret that mothers wants for Mother's Day

Hey guys! It was mother day this past weekend and I did a mani just to show you what momma wants.

Want to know a little secret?
These are the things yo mama wants but might not ask
  • Pearls If you have an mother you need to give her pearls once in her lifetime. They are a classic and represent purity. Think mother of pearl.

  • Diamonds are a girls best friend and there is no better way that say I LOVE YOU MOTHER
  • Mothers love FOOD. Whatever her favorites are, give her what she wants! Wine, chocolate or caviar GET it. You only have one or two mothers in your life so go on and dazzle her in decadence.

Caviar and pearl these are the two elements it inspire me for this nail look.
If these things are not your mother, 
  • Flowers
  • Card 
  • Lunch/Brunch/Dinner will do too! 
  • Don't forget the kisses and hugs! These are what mothers live for, you are never too old or too cool for these!

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